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The SureTest, is one of the newest Diabetic Glucose meters to the Canadian Market. It has a built-in speaker that speaks your blood glucose reading out loud to you, so you can move on with your day!
The SureTest blood glucose monitoring system is accurate for 97.1% of tests completed.
The SureTest is fast acting and determines your accurate measurement in just 7 seconds since it will read your reading out loud you can place it down right after inserting the test strip.
Yes! The SureTest can speak out your reading in either French or English.
Absolutely! The SureTest can store up to 450 test results with date, time & averages.
No, the SureTest meter is small in both size and weight. Weighing less than 70 grams, equal to the average Egg and measuring in at 96mm (L) x 20mm (W) x 46mm (H) making it fit in just the palm of your hand!
The SureTest meter is only compatible with The SureTest Testing Strips. Check out our distributor's page to find a location near you.
The SureTest Talking meter only requires a blood sample of 0.7 µL.


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