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At Skymed, we understand that managing diabetes can be difficult. Our goal is to ultimately enable our clients to take control of their diabetes so that it becomes less of an effort and more of an achievement. In addition to providing the easy-to-use talking Sure Test meter, Skymed also assists patients with diabetes by offering its clients the opportunity to work with a registered pharmacist. From performing an initial assessment to communicating to your family doctor and providing educational resources.

All Sure Test meter customers are invited to take advantage of this service at any time by simply calling our toll-free number.


Once registered and enrolled, Sure Test meter clients participate in an initial assessment. This is a discussion that occurs between the client and the pharmacist and centers around gathering the patient’s health history.

The completed patient profile is comprehensive and ensures that the pharmacist is thoroughly aware of all the client’s health conditions, concerns, and personal goals before proceeding with a care plan. It is also during this session that the pharmacist addresses the client’s expectations and answers any questions related to their care.


Diabetes care is not just a discussion between a client and the pharmacist, it is team-based. Patient care is at the forefront of our service and we make sure that each healthcare professional involved with each patient is informed about matters that are relevant to their care.

Continuous Care

In order to fine-tune the care plan process, the pharmacist remains in contact with each patient. Follow-up discussions occur on a regular basis for those with more complex needs and on an as-needed basis for those who have reached a sustainable process of care.


Throughout the process, diabetes information is provided to the patient to complement the pharmacist’s care. Topics include the pathophysiology of diabetes, medication, insulin use, diet, and diabetic complications.

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